We are passionate and committed to our clients but we don’t work for free.


As a law firm, we bill either according to the Lawyers’ Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz=RVG) or according to a previously agreed fee agreement.

However, under certain conditions we can work for you free of charge.

We will work for you out of court free of charge if you meet the requirements for the provision of advice.

The following requirements must be met:

  • You have low income and little wealth,
  • legal advice in your case is necessary,
  • is an out of court matter,
  • Your legal protection insurance (if available) or similar does not apply.

If you are the recipient of unemployment benefits (Hartz – 4 // Arbeitslosengeld 2), counseling assistance is usually granted.

You can apply for advice help certificate from the local court responsible for you. You can find the form here.

In your interest, we would like to point out that you yourself have to take care of the application for advice help certificate. The best way to apply for advice is before (!) the legal advice.

You can find detailed information on advisory assistance here.

If you have legal protection insurance, you must first clarify whether your insurance will cover your legal costs. We are happy to help you with this.

A first contact is of course free of charge.

If it is necessary in your case to enforce your rights in court or if you have been sued, you can claim legal aid for the legal proceedings.

If you are granted legal aid, our legal work can be free of charge for you.

Who receives legal aid?

  • who is personally and economically unable to pay the costs of his legal proceedings and
  • whose case has the prospect of success.

To do this, you must fill out this application form carefully and submit evidence of income and expenses.

You can find detailed information on legal aid here.

Specialized initial consultation

It is not always true that lawyers cost a lot of money. However, the question of the exact amount of legal costs is of great importance, especially for clients who are not insured under legal expenses insurance. Is it better to enforce the claims in court or try to take matters into your own hands or to drop them for cost reasons? After a binding and intensive examination of your individual case, we can forecast the process and cost risks as accurately as possible.

For this we offer you to send us all documents in advance by email to or reach us via our contact form. You can conveniently transfer the flat – rate fee of € 99.95 including VAT to our office account.

The account details are:
Sparkasse an der Lippe
IBAN: DE63 4415 2370 0000 0688 17

After receiving your payment we will contact you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We can offer you the initial consultation both by telephone and in our office. The initial consultation always serves as the first comprehensive examination of the facts and a first orientation.

In the initial consultation, we discuss the facts and then explain the legal situation for the time being and usually give an initial assessment and a recommendation for the further course of action. After the initial consultation, our clients know the legal proceedings, the prospects of success, the risks and problems, the missing documents and the costs (e.g. court costs) that could arise.

The costs of the initial consultation are fully credited against the fees incurred with each subsequent assignment with a representative or further examination and advice. In most cases, there are no additional costs for the initial consultation at the end.