Migration Law

The Migration Law includes citizenship law in addition to immigration and asylum law. It encompasses all of the immigrant`s legal provisions, in particular the entry and the residence. Immigrants are people who are not German according to the Article 116 sec. 1 of the German constitution, i.e. not having German nationality.

Migration Law

If the immigration authorities no longer want to extend a residence permit, or the immigrant faces expulsion or deportation, this issue becomes existential very quickly. The same applies if the German embassy refuses to issue a German visa applied from any other country. It can quickly mean that everything is at stake for the concerned person.

You do not have to worry about language barriers: Besides German and English, Mr. Khan also speaks Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. We work closely with translators and interpreters for other languages including Turkish and Arabic.

Short deadlines often apply and must be observed! Moreover, a lawyer may be able to reach an out – of – court agreement with t he immigration authority, so that complicated court proceedings can be avoided – this can ultimately save a lot of money! We offer you comprehensive legal support throughout the entire process and can work for you with:

  • Visa procedure: family reunion / child reunion / spouse reunion (especially in the case of accusation of fictitious marriage or fake adoption
  • Schengen Visa: visitor visa, tourist visa, student visa, work visa
  • the issuance and extension of a residence permit and
  • the establishment of a right of residence in cases of;

    • Marriage
    • Child birth or adoption
    • Start of studies or a job (esp. Skilled workers immigration law )

  • The attainment of a permanent right of residence i.e. a settlement permit
  • EU residence rights / permanent residence EC
  • Blue Card / EU Blue Card
  • Preparing for the hearing at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
  • Representation when applying for asylum vis-à-vis the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

    • Determination of the right to asylum under Article 16a sec. 1 of the german constitution
    • Granting refugee status
    • Granting subsidiary protection
    • Prohibition of deportation

  • Representation in judicial proceedings due to rejection of the asylum application
  • In admissible asylum application under the Dublin III regulation and unfounded asylum application
  • Second asylum applications
  • Representation in court proceedings after a rejected asylum application
  • The granting of a temporary suspension of deportation
  • Obtaining an employment permit during an asylum procedure
  • The granting of suspension of deportation because of training or employment

We support you with the corresponding applications and the submission of the necessary documents or make the applications on your behalf.

You are also welcome to contact us in other cases not explicitly listed above.

We also represent them vis-à-vis the Immigration Office and in judicial proceedings if;

  • You have been threatened with expulsion or you have already received an expulsion order or
  • You are to be deported, including representation in detention pending deportation.
  • Naturalization according to par. 10 of the Citizenship Law
  • Naturalization of discretion according to par. 8 & 9 of the Citizenship Law